Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm Gonna Knock You Out.

Dally just showed up to the rumble and yelled “Hold up!” Darry just turned to look, but before he could turn back around for the rumble Paul punched him in the face. It started I thought. I jumped on the smallest kid on the other side. He threw me to the ground. Then I felt a kick on my head. Then another one and another one struck me in the head. Then he kicked me in the ribs again and again. My eyes opened up and I saw Dally punching him in the face. Then the Socs started to run away. The buzzing in my ears started to get louder, Two-Bit said something but I couldn’t be sure it was him. Slowly I got up, and noticed Steve curled in a ball about ten feet from me. Later we found out that he had broken three ribs in the rumble. “We won, we beat the Socs.” Darry said in the most tired sounding voice, this wasn’t shocking; he is always working and taking to many load of roofing.
“We’re goin’ to see Johnny.” Dally said in a rushing voice
Running to my best ability, but it was more like dragging my feet.

I Fell into a Burning Ring of Fire

I just got the news that the church had caught on fire, when a woman informed the other teacher that the some boys were missing from the school. It was us, it was us who started it, and I just know it. I had to tell Johnny. “I bet we started it, we must have dropped a lighted cigarette or something.” I said in grief.
As soon as I started to run towards the church the man I asked grabbed my arm and said “I’ll get them. You kids stay out!”, but that didn't stop me from running to the flaming door. Like any other human that thinks with common since, I didn't want to run into a flaming door so I threw a rock at the window. Then I realized that Johnny was following me into the flaming church. Going to the back cautiously because that’s where the kids were. Then we heard someone screaming then when we found the source I yelled “Shut up! We’re goin’ to get you out!”

Then the last kid bit me, but I was able to hold him and gently drop him out then I felt something hit me on the back. Then I think I blacked out.

The Train Ride

Sorry but I could only remember a little bit of what I am going to write down because my shirt was soaked with ice cold water. But Dally had just to jump onto a train going to Windrixville because Johnny somehow killed a Soc named Bob who according to Johnny, was drowning me, and would have killed me. Then we ran to Dally at a party who gave us money, a gun, and told us to get on the next train to Windrixville and hide in the church on the hill. When we jumped into the train car we laid down trying to get some rest for the walk to the church, but all I could think of was how I should have asked Dally for a pack of weeds.

In the midst of my slumber I was woken up by somebody. Then my eyes opened up and before I could wipe the sleep out of my eyes I had to jump from a train and landed on the grass wet from the morning fog, and realized that I was woken up by Johnny. Then it rushed through my mind we still had to find the church that Dally told us about.

Getting a Close Cut

First let’s get this straight my name really is Ponyboy, but it is not the worst name in my family. I just had to say that, but that is not the point of this, the point is that I just got jump by some Socs after watching a Paul Newman movie when a group of Socs jumped out of a red Corvair. In unison it seemed like someone said "Do you need a haircut."
"No." I droned.
Then I heard a POP of a switchblade.  Next I thing I knew was that I was pinned on the ground by a bunch of big muscular guys with knifes. I tried to push and budge around to elude the hold they had on me. When they started to notice my movements they tightened their hold on me. Then someone said "How'd you like that haircut to begin just below the chin?"
Then I felt someone punching me on the chest and head. I started to taste iron from blood. Then I heard a thud of my body, and then I heard a car start up and drive away. Someone tall and big started to drag me on the ground then I noticed who it was.

I got this picture from here.
This is Paul Newman