Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm Gonna Knock You Out.

Dally just showed up to the rumble and yelled “Hold up!” Darry just turned to look, but before he could turn back around for the rumble Paul punched him in the face. It started I thought. I jumped on the smallest kid on the other side. He threw me to the ground. Then I felt a kick on my head. Then another one and another one struck me in the head. Then he kicked me in the ribs again and again. My eyes opened up and I saw Dally punching him in the face. Then the Socs started to run away. The buzzing in my ears started to get louder, Two-Bit said something but I couldn’t be sure it was him. Slowly I got up, and noticed Steve curled in a ball about ten feet from me. Later we found out that he had broken three ribs in the rumble. “We won, we beat the Socs.” Darry said in the most tired sounding voice, this wasn’t shocking; he is always working and taking to many load of roofing.
“We’re goin’ to see Johnny.” Dally said in a rushing voice
Running to my best ability, but it was more like dragging my feet.

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